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4 months 3 weeks ago #1419 by Joseph India
Wayne, Buddha is known for his meditation. If Anita begins to meditate , we all will have a problem lol
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4 months 3 weeks ago #1418 by wayne kemp
thanks Anita ,the hard work is paying off ,and my thoughts of you being a living buddha still stands today.
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4 months 3 weeks ago #1401 by Paddy Delaney
Thank you Anita

I see that we are starting to bring through the daily and annualized returns on Frega as well now

Excellent - well done team.

You are the best


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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #1386 by Anita:Technical Support
Technical Update and Progress Report (22/08/2017)

The technical team has finished another wave of enhancements. Here is a summary of what has been updated.

Registrations- All Registrations

• Upon Registration -The exact second the Member confirms his registration on any of the applications the Member is to receive an additional 9 Number/Pin combinations. That will automatically start building members own Numberville Table.
• NB: Existing members of RealStew will not have the additional 9 number/pin combinations added until they register their 1st Code/Pin on any Application.

Frega Statements

• The Frega Statements are now showing individual Currency Account Balances at the top of the page.

Forex Transfer:

• We have coded the Foreign exchange conversion application, whereby funds credited to different Frega Accounts are credited in the currency of receipt and every Account Holder will have at least 10 currency accounts .It follows that there is a good chance that a high proportion of all money received will not be in the default currency of the Account Holder.
• Click on the ‘Forex Transfer’ Tab on Frega and there is now the ability to transfer funds from one currency to another the charge being a 3% fee of the total transferred.
• The splits for these have now been done and you will now see funds going into the Foreign Currency conversion Syndicate Tables. The Shareholders in Frega will also see their share of funds as per their units going onto their En commandite (Frega)Accounts.

• The Forex Transfer FAQS will be loaded in the course of the week.

Annualised returns on the Syndications

• We have started to pull through the numbers that show the annualised returns on the syndications. You will see we are now pulling through the data on the Echovida and the Foreign exchange syndicates.
• These are the returns for a syndicated partner based on the current issue price and if they have 100 units.
• We are slowly bringing the content through for the rest of the syndicates, so every day or so you will see changes taking place on the Syndication tables .

Frega Top-up

• The issue with the Frega top up via the statements has now been resolved.

As promised this update report will now be loaded to the forum every Friday evening.


Your Technical Team

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