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FregCrypto and FregaNano cryptocurrency

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #8099 by Angela
There was a time in history when the Romans were paid in SALT, and this is where the word Salary came from. It was their form of currency at that particular time. Most of the currencies in the world are not backed by anything except a promise to pay the bearer of a piece of paper, fiat money.
The US Dollar was backed by Gold until the Bretton Woods Convention, and now it's backed by nothing more than what is agreed it is worth. It is said that all the gold in Fort Knox has disappeared. That is something to explore as people still believe it is full of gold.

Crypto Currency is just another form of swapping one energy for another. That is wll money is.... This is very obviously the way the world is going. The banks are going to go , as they are now, and a fairer system to the people is growing. We can see it happening before our eyes. This is not to be confused with "the Mark of The Beast" because since time immemorial there has always been exchanges of currency, no matter what it's called. The unfortunate first Americans, the real natives of America were given blankets and beads and goodness know what else for land, this is also currency. It's called currency because it flows like a river, it's liquid. This is where we get the word liquidity in our financial dealings.
A very interesting bit of history ,where we get all the words we use everyday when referring to money, Banks, money flows, currency (the current of the liquid (river) that tells us if we are Bankrupt, (hit the sides of the river the Banks of it, or if it is still flowing and so on . Very interesting to find out that it all pertains to water.
Even our Laws are Maritime Laws.
We are "berthed" after coming down the "canal" had a bill of lading (our birth certificate) and so on. It's a totally interesting subject which most of us have never given a second thought. The judge's "Bench" is another word for "Bank" ( the two sides of the flowing current, " currency) and there is a very clever reason for calling it that. I am rambling but it's so interesting to research and find out where it all springs from (LOL water again)

Anyway Paddy, as always, is forward thinking and knows that crypto currency is going to be inevitable eventually. I have stayed away from it as I don't know enough about it, except that it is blockchain which is inevitable but stayed on the sidelines for now. I am looking forward to the zoom meeting.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #8097 by Paddy Delaney
Hi Dennis

We are dealing with fiat currencies and that is why we are different and why 2.4 billion people will be financially emancipated



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1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #8095 by Dennis
If you use the words Crypto currency in reality you should be excluding 2.4 billion people.

No true Christian wants anything to do with speeding up the end of times. One of the
precursors of end times is one world currency or Crypto currency.

Tokens would be a better way to explain what you are doing. It isn't meant to be a world
currency, just a way to simplify transfer from one currency to another.

We want to be known for dealing with real world currencies no matter where in the
world a person may be.
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1 month 2 weeks ago #8092 by Paddy Delaney
In anticipation of the Zoom call, I do need to make a number of points clear with regards to Cryptocurrency and that is the market is starting to mature and become mainstream with companies such McDonald's accepting Cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism and even looking to issue their own Cryptocurrency.

The best way to look at FregaCrypto is a token, fixed in number, that is accepted within the Frega eco-system as a store of value and within the Frega eco-system is a unit of exchange as commonly transferred as and between Members as they would any fiat currency because the Members, who are parties to the transaction trust the process and the value of the FregaCrypto units that are exchanged as and between each other.

For the same reason that if someone arrived at your door and said they wish to pay you in Zimbabwe $ you will be more inclined to not accept it as a payment option because you do not want to be left holding the Zim $, not sure the next person would want it.

With FregaCrypto we build trust in the process and underpin the value of FregaCrypto in a number of ways. This underpinning of value is easily tracked, measured and certified and the rules within the eco-system are universally applied and supported.

We have within FregaCyrpto and FregaNano the right balance ...chat tomorrow
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1 month 2 weeks ago #8091 by Paddy Delaney
The Zoom call on Friday this week will be a very important call as we will be releasing details of FregaCrypto and FregaNano, our own Cryptocurrency offering.

This is something that we have all been talking about for some time and after extensive research, and coding, we believe that we will be releasing a cryptocurrency that has similarities to Bitcoin but has unique properties that make it, by far, a better option to Bitcoin and many other Cryptocurrencies that have been recently released.

Please attend the call if you can but if not that is fine it will be recorded and you can catch up at any time.

We will also be sharing details of the improvements we have made to the site over the Xmas period and what our short-term goals are (January) and also details of our marketing strategy
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