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BRANDING - Marketing FREGA, the Expert's Way

2 months 1 week ago #5621 by Annamarie
Dennis, your paragraph on trade secrets, isnt it true that with the digital expansion it is very rare to keep trade secrets, and being members of a collective, our collaborative sharing of expertise and knowledge creates a global WIN/WIN. In reality, we are evolving so fast what worked yesterday effectively dilutes (ages) with the passing of each day.

Here is my understanding , mainly friends tried and proven methods of marketing. Yes I agree, branding is marketing and their are lots of variable when selling online advertising. We have traditional Economy ie tangible products versus Digital Economy ie non tangible products fintech

Anyone can have a website or be an affiliate, this does not mean people will find you. First page ranking has become more challenging and expensive.

Current social platforms ie facebook , linked in, pinterest etc can provide a streamline solution to suit budgets and as you pointed out their are pros & cons

Marketing online successfully is having the tools to effectively brand your
- online campaign,
- website ie use capture leads to catch peoples attention ie free ebook, free trial
- list build ie with that market of people that identify with you (so true Dennis)
- provide value - I have seen sites use blog, videos to create a connection with people. The cheeses scone video will be great here.
- products & promotions - use of simple & easy to use apps, great pics and short professional videos.

It would be great to prepare our members wth good marketing tools that they can use alongside our main Frega site.
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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 6 days ago #5620 by Annamarie

Dennis wrote: Marketing is part of Branding.

I really don't want to go into trade secrets here. What I will say is Facebook can be used effectively, without cost. One I will give away is by joining local groups where products are allowed. Something to trade links would be for the most part welcome in this type of group.

What I did was search my local area. There were seven groups I found. Of them three would allow links for items for sale. Just make sure you won't be kicked out of the group for posting too many links, because if you too often some will boot you.

I would also use one of the pictures you use on the S2T site. This is because most people won't click through unless they see a picture showing something for which they are looking.

Another is don't post biz opps on your timeline. This just turns your friends off. This I learned by trial and error.

Believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2012 I created a system to bring business minded people to my Facebook timeline. From this most of my buyers found me.

Linkedin's power is in groups as well. Posting on the wall there never gained me anything. In groups on the other hand I was able to target people who could use my services.

One of the other areas people might consider is picking up the phone. Just say Hi, ask a few questions to fill out FORM then let the other person do the talking. I have yet to have a conversation where I didn't learn a need of the person to whom I was speaking. Never try to sell on the phone. It only works 1 time in about 100. You can find buyers though by explaining, once the person is ready to hear, what Frega is doing for you. This works for my business on average 6 out of 10 times.

Email is another good way to market. Unless you are emailing people who know, like, and trust you though you had better use a double opt in, and make sure those receiving emails can opt out. In layman's terms an auto response system.


Dennis wrote: I thought I saw somewhere a time frame for the changes. Does this mean things are going to come together faster than most of us were thinking?

Right now the Christmas shopping season although not officially started already has. Big box stores already have their "Christmas" sales going. Is there any chance we will have something ready by Black Friday?

On a side note. At this point what we really need to use when explaining Frega tools, is Frega Collective tools. Later this can be dropped to Frega tools. One of the most important lessons in branding is get things started, then simplify. Frega Collective tools will be the starter, then simplify to Frega tools.


Dennis wrote: If you had read the post you would have seen the word Collection wasn't there. Collective was. You are seeing the Frega group of tools as the selling point. In reality the collective is the best selling point.

I also believe collective is a NOUN, and will give people a feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves. Being part of something bigger than a single person is a basic human need. The preceding statements are why people are going to buy in.

As well, everyone who is here is because they chose to communicate through this portal. Mostly because they knew someone who was a member of the collective . Your dream and well as others who are part of the collective is to have a portal where people can reach others with the same goals. Friends inviting friends.

Most of the people who joined RealStew did because they knew and trusted someone who was already a member. I agree there will be people who join Frega just for what they can gain financially. In the end though they will become part of the collective (family) as well.

Dennis, you have so much useful informatin on branding, couldn't resist bringing a few of your comments onto one thread dedicated to you and also because I sure I am not the only one getting lost trying to find a good point you had made earlier.
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